Our Training Philosophy

Just like you and I, dogs have individual personalities. There is no one way to train a dog. We use several methods and tools customized to fit your dogs individual needs. To properly train your dog, you need to understand your dog. Our goal is a happy and balanced, obedient dog, and a well educated owner. 

​​ Private Training Lessons-

Puppy Package- $350
Tackling the initial challenges of a new puppy including, potty training, crate training, house manners, biting, jumping, scratching, several basic obedience commands, loose leash walking, and how to properly socialize your puppy. This package is once a week for 6 weeks, with a combination of visits both in your home and out in public. 

Basic Obedience Package- $350
This package is aimed at older puppies/adult dogs. Covering your basic obedience commands such as sit, down, come, stay, go to your place, leave it, and more. You will learn how to keep your dog engaged with you and listening while ignoring various distractions. We will also cover how to keep your dog calm and controlled with guests, visting dogs, and while visiting other peoples houses. This package includes one session per week, for six weeks.

Advanced Obedience Package-  $350
This package is for those whom have completed our basic obedience package (or a similar program). We will focus on polishing already learned commands and adding in off leash control/recall. We will work on desensitizing your dog to new and distracting situations. Much of our sessions will be done outside the home at a local school or park. This package includes one session per week, for six weeks.

Not seeing a package that fits your needs? Behaviour modification and customized flat rate training is available for $60/hour. We also offer all of our packages in board/train, where your dog resides with us for training. Please inquire for pricing.